Can a small online underwear store compete?

Underwear Store

Can a small online retailer compete in this day & age of multi-national domination from the likes of Amazon & eBay? Well we are about to find out as we launch our online underwear store providing super value underwear for the whole family.

Clearly a small independent has less marketing reach & financially cannot compete with the big boys, but through a carefully, well planned marketing strategy it should be able to reach a significant number of people without high costs. This needs to be directed through social media & local advertising. If the business is primarily aimed at people local to the business then this should not be a problem. If the product is generic & aimed at absolutely everyone it becomes more complex. Our product, underwear, is clearly for everyone in the U.K., but in order for everyone in the U.K. to know about it then the marketing cost would be prohibitive.

We have to start small & focus our marketing within a given region and a given target audience. To that end we will utilise social media platforms locally. There are many bargain groups & selling groups locally with which to raise the awareness of the company and product.

Why do we not just sign up as an eBay or Amazon seller? The answer is simple, this adds more cost in to the price of our underwear. We don’t want to do that, nor do we want to grow too quickly and not be able to keep up with demand. our growth has to be planned and sustainable with the resources that we have.

The answer to the question is, it should be possible if our targets are realistic and we aren’t aiming to take over the world. Let’s wait and see!

Underwear Store from Saving Nine… another string to our bow!