Our story – The start of Saving Nine…

Garment Industry Recruitment

Both myself and my wife Catherine  have worked in the garment industry for a very long time, except for a few years when I ran my own recruitment business, KTSX. Even then my major focus was on the industry and I also undertook consultancy on a variety of projects in many different countries. Catherine first started in the industry in 1975, left to have children and returned in 1981, since when she has worked for various companies around the globe in senior roles, in both production and technical.

In October 2016, Catherine was suddenly struck down by bacterial meningitis. She was in a coma for 3 weeks, in ICU for 3 months and eventually managed to be transferred back to the UK to be close to family. At the end of April 2017 Catherine was allowed home; mentally she has all her faculties and knowledge. Physically she has a long path to recovery. She has limited mobility but is getting better all the time.

As a result of Catherine’s illness we made the decision to return to the UK. After lots of soul searching we decided that we would have to remain in the UK forever and would have to set up our own business. Clearly our knowledge and experience pointed to something within the garment & textile industries. With my previous experience of recruitment it was a simple decision, that recruitment would be our primary focus.

What can we offer that is different to the many recruitment agencies around the globe. Well, we have many, many years experience within the industry directly and with the additional experience of running my own recruitment agency previously, we believe we have a great deal to offer. Both of us have spent years recruiting and building teams and have a great understanding of the people any company require to fit their roles. In addition we offer solutions that break the mould of the traditional high percentage based recruitment model, which clearly means you are paying for the failure of the agency. We do still offer the percentage based model but are significantly cheaper than most of our competitors.

Why Saving Nine; an old British saying is ‘A stitch in time, saves Nine’. Meaning if you do something in a timely manner it may prevent a lot of additional work in the future. The sewing connotation seemed appropriate as does the sentiment of the saying…