Why should we use a recruiter? We can do our own recruitment.

This is true, you can, but do you have the time to do your own recruitment? Could your valuable time be best spent doing important things that make your business money?

The thing is, done properly recruiters will save you a lot of time and help you focus on candidates that are capable of the doing the job you need. You will not see the many candidates that are inappropriate. You won’t have to trawl through hundreds of CV’s, do initial interviews to arrive at maybe 2 or 3 people that would fit your requirements. Not only will this save you time, but it will stop you getting frustrated and angry when applicants don’t actually match their CV’s, which I’m afraid happens all too often.

How do we know that the candidates that are presented to us are what they say they are?

The truth is you don’t always know, but an experienced recruiter, particularly one who has years of experience within your industry know the right questions to ask to weed out those who have exaggerated their skills or knowledge. In many cases & especially in something like the garment industry, a recruiter with years of experience in the industry will know the candidate; or know of the candidate; or know people who do know the candidate.

It would be cheaper for me to employ someone within my HR department to do our recruiting!

Would it really? This will depend very much on how often you require to recruit at specialist or management level. If it’s a continual process then maybe it would be cheaper, but not many businesses will require continual employment at this level. Even if you do, unless you employ someone with years of experience of reading CV’s, interviewing people and understanding what is required of each role then you will still end up trawling through candidates that don’t match up to your requirements or even worse a perfect candidate could very easily be missed. Obviously, you have to weigh this up against the cost of the recruiter, but we are not all as expensive as each other and in this age of internet networking the recruiters outgoing costs should be less than they were historically.

Although I generally believe in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, this is one area that is not always true. We pride ourselves on having detailed industry knowledge, but don’t believe in charging for our failures, we also ensure we have low overheads, which helps keep our costs down. Specialist recruiters like ourselves www.savingnine.co.uk  for garment, textile & fashion recruitment and www.creditpro.co.uk for Credit Industry recruitment can give you the expertise required to make recruitment a painless and cost effective experience.

I hope I have covered just a few areas that explain the benefits of using a recruiter, even more so why you should use us, as an industry experienced low cost option to save you time and ensure you have a choice of the best available people for your roles.